From 2008 until around 2014 I used to keep a visual blog. Prior to the quick visual fix of Instagram, the slightly longer process of colour balancing, image sizing and uploading was a commitment. A more labourious visual scrapbook that made the process a little more considered. Also one that wasn't overtly fishing for love back at it, more just a way of testing ideas in what was nominally a public space. 

As making "work" disapated into "doing" work, it became less prominent in my life. Upon reflection however, it helped me join the dots in my disperate thinking in ways enlightening and exciting. Making a new website, ten years after I made my first seems like a good time to reappraise a way of thinking out loud, and wrest back "thinking" from other platforms. I promise no interest. I expect nobody to read. But it might just get me somewhere. Watch this space.